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NEW TUTORING OPTION: If you live in a distant time zone, we now offer "asynchronous tutoring." This system allows you to submit your paper and get feedback from a tutor a day or two later (it depends on the day you submit the paper). Please use this tutoring option only if our regular online tutoring hours are not convenient (if you are in China, for instance).

We have created a new schedule--Spring 2020 (asynchronous tutoring)--for those students. Once you go to that schedule, you can select a time slot with the tutor and submit your paper. The tutor will respond sometime the day of the slot you picked. 

If we see heavy usage of the available slots, we will increase the number of slots in future weeks.

When you attach your paper, please include detailed information on what you need feedback on (such as focus/thesis, organization, development, genre issues, clarity, etc.) While we don't proofread or edit papers, we will provide examples of sentence-level corrections that illustrate how to address repeated errors or style issues.

Please email COM Writing Center Director John Hall at if you have questions. 

MARCH 13, 2020

BREAKING NEWS!: Beginning Monday, March 16, all COM Writing Center appointments will be conducted online. We are modifying our system to do all appointments online, using this scheduling system's online-tutoring features. We will no longer reserve times for walk-ins.

To start your online session, click on your appointment and hit the "start online consultation" button. You can upload your work via the "double arrow" button at the top of the session screen. Thanks and stay safe.

MARCH 25, 2020

The COM Writing Center is now open for the spring 2020 semester. You can now make appointments through Friday, April 3. Please share your assignment prompt with your tutor, as it often helps the tutor during the session.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so at least 30 minutes before so other students can use the time slot. Our system counts anything closer as a missed appointment, which can lead to suspension of our services for students with repeated missed appointments.

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